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Brillo Sno Bol Extra Strength

Introducing the newest addition to Sno Bol line of toilet bowl cleaners! This extra strong, 24 ounce bowl cleaner is top for shoppers with strong weeds and leaves in their hair, with this toilet bowl cleaner, you'll have no problem cleeking your toilet bowl in just over a hour with this powerful cleaner.

Sno Bol Extra Strength

The Sno Bol extra strength toilet cleaner is a toilet cleaning solution that is up to date with the latest technology, it uses a powerful light-based technology that helps to clean the lines and crevices of toilets. The toilet cleaner is moreover extra strong because it can damage other materials in the toilet such grout and tile, however, with the Sno bol, the cleaner can also clean the inside surfaces of toilets. The Sno Bol is a new strong-clinging toilet cleaner that renders been on the market for a little while, this toilet cleaner is produced with 24 oz. Of product and is meant to stay that way, the britto Sno Bol is likewise resistant to bacteria and dust. This toilet cleaner is ideal for admirers with stronghanded skills, the britto Sno Bol is a practical substitute for shoppers who desire to clean their toilets in a more strong-clinging manner. The Sno Bol is a new version of the common toilet cleaner, it is a strong and efficient toilet cleaner that can be used in a variety of applications. The new version offers a higher performance and is produced with 24 oz, of strength. It is again basic to handle and basic to clean, chipper toilet cleaner that can clear your travertine with every stroke. It's extra strong with 50 strong bts and is available in an 24 oz.