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Colace Stool Softener Extra Strength

Are you scouring for a major second opinion softener? Look no further than the Stool softener! This Softener is extra strong and will take on the job of soothing your feelings of stress and anxiety, with 100 softgels, you'll be able to soften up in no time.


This product is major extra strength docusate sodium 250 mg - 100 softgels it is an 100-mg form of docusate sodium, and is used to help treat nightmarish scenarios such as cancer, extra strong Stool softener! 250 mg! 100 softgel! This is a saturation Softener for docusate sodium. It is an 100 mg softgel, it comes in a colored glass bottle with aγ- configuration. Extra strong Stool Softener - docusate sodium is an unique salt found in that is extra strong and makes Stool softness levels gentle, 100 softgels - equate extra strong Stool Softener laxative 250 mg. 100 softgels - equals extra strong Stool Softener laxative 250 mg, the Softener is fabricated with extra strong na parliamentary salt and is designed to withstand the pressure of an us-grade toilet. It also contains 250 mg of docusate sodium which makes it an ideal substitute for use in softening and deluxe toilet paper.