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Extra Strength Contact Lens Cleaner

The extra strength Contact lenses cleaning solution leaves no spot to cry wolf, this soft-grip silicone hydrogel offers a high capacity for housekeeping and is superb for daily cleaning. The softness and softness of this Contact Lens Cleaner will leave your eyes feeling soft and clean.

Miraflow Extra Strength Cleaner

This soft-grip Contact Lens Cleaner is a fantastic way for lovers with wet or cold Contact Lens care, the Cleaner is fabricated from a silicone hydrogel material that is extra strong and protected from bacteria and algae. The clean-up is facile with this cleaner, that can be used on all Contact Lens solutions, the extra strong daily Cleaner silicone hydrogel is a top-rated tool for removing all that not even your best friend can clean off your skin! With its strong and durable Contact Lens laurels, it can also help keep your lenses clean and free of bacteria. The extra strength Contact Lens Cleaner is a soft-gel Contact Lens Cleaner that is designed to be used in Contact Lens cases, it is manufactured of water-based silicone hydrogel and is designed to protect and maintain the integrity of Contact Lens cases. It is available in a variety of colors and for $11, the extra strong Contact Lens Cleaner is a soft hard Contact Lens Cleaner that is designed to clean Contact Lens cases and it is moreover designed to remove any build-up on the case or to help clean the lens.