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Extra Strength Tylenol Cold

Extra strong, ketones to give you energy and effectiveness, the ketones will help to form an assault on your body, leaving you struggling to get up and running.

Acetaminophen 500mg Generic Tylenol 500 Caplets
Acetaminophen Caplets

2/ $ 15 — 2



- 2 Caplets Per Pouch - 5 Pouches Per Order
- 2 Caplets Per Pouch - 2 Pouches Per Order
1 Cold + Flu Severe + 1 Sinus Severe  3 Boxes Total

Tylenol Flu Extra Strength

Tylenol flu is a high strength tablet with acetaminophen, it is an extra strong version of tylenol, and it is top-of-the-line for people who need the full strength tylenol. This tablet is 24 count is first-class for everyone, extra strong Tylenol colds are made with a higher content of acetaminophen. This means that the person renders a more powerful pain relief agent to relieve pain than just using just tylenol, extra strength Tylenol Cold is an unique product line from the Tylenol company. These products are series of rapid release gels that allow for a greater amount of acetaminophen being released quickly for treatment of pain and fever, the products are available as 500 mg or 225 count products. It is an us pharmaceuticals company's product, and it is fabricated with ingredients such as acetaminophen mg) and caffeine mg), it is further made with salt (100 mg) and caffeine.