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Gaviscon Liquid Extra Strength

Looking for an extra strong Liquid antacid for fast-acting heartburn? Gaviscon provides you covered! This antacid provides extra strong ingredients that will help to stop the symptoms of heartburn quickly, plus, it's fast-acting, so you won't have to wait long.

Cool Mint Liquid Antacid For Fast-acting Heartburn

Gaviscon Extra Strength Cool Mint

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Liquid Antacid Heartburn Relief Cool Mint 12 Oz 2 Pack

Gaviscon Extra Strength Liquid Antacid

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Liquid Fruit 340ml Heartburn Acid Reflux Relief

Gaviscon Extra Strength Ingredients

Gaviscon is an extra strong Liquid antacid that contains mint flavor, this 12 oz. Pack of 2 x2 x2 oz out of product is excellent for 2 people who itch to feel secure in no time, the extra strong Liquid antacid against micro-organisms and is ideal for colds, and flu. Gaviscon extra strength Liquid is a beneficial way for individuals with food allergies or who have a strict daily routine to avoid them, this Liquid antacid is likewise safe for folks with sensitive skin and is ideal for lovers with a history of food allergies. If you are struggling to take a night of Gaviscon and already feeling acrid stomach pain and heartburn, then this extra strong Liquid is the one for you! Made from the finest Gaviscon (gumbo) plant, it is extra strong and can handle the tough reflux relief that acid reflux often brings, extra strength, soothing fruit blend Gaviscon is a must-have for admirers with digestive problems. With an excellent quality level and fresh taste, this Liquid is a must-have for a shopper digging for a gentle surrogate to help improve their life.