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Neocitran Extra Strength

Is a top-grade solution for extra strength users who covet to enjoy the flavors of cold sinus sleep without any penalty, this set of 24 packets provides you with the desired amount for a total of 192 mg. When taking this medication in too high of a dose, you can find yourself with neuralgia or other side effects, the next time you are in the market for an unequaled deal and don't have time to go through a store, go for this extra strength product from will help you sleep soundly and with tonight's dream come true.

Neocitran Extra Strength Walmart

Is a high quality extra strength cold it comes in at 24 pouches, it is produced from lemon juice and structured this product is a fantastic substitute to take a cold break or to help manage is an extra strong sinus night mixture that is top-rated for keeping your health in check during the night. This product contains all the essential ingredients needed to keep you healthy and clear during the night, is an extra strong cold inoculation that provides limited but effective congestion pouches. This product is a powerful tool for congestion and improving sauna efficiency, is a top-notch solution for folks with cold, sinus, and/or lemonade dreams. When you take you can finally sleep soundly through to dark night time, the delicious lemon flavor gives a true kick, making it great for sinus night. This gift for lovers who desire lemon can only be a good thing.