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Equate Extra Strength Stool Softener

Looking for a Softener for your Equate extra strength stool? You've come to the right place! Our Softener helps remove hardness and salt from your stool, leaving it more facile to take care of, this Softener comes in three sizes, so you can find a top-rated amount for your needs.


The Equate extra strength soothing laxative softgels are made with 250 mg of equate's special formulation of softgels, these softgels are designed to soothe and nourish the body, by providing an 140 ct softgel capsule with 250 mg of equate's special formulation of softgels. The keywords for this product are "equate extra strength Stool Softener docusate sodium 250 mg - 140 softgels, this product is a Softener that helps to clarify and clarify the stools for a more equal and health. The Equate extra strength Stool Softener laxative softgels are 3 pack that provides extra strength at a low cost, these softeners are made with a lactic acid based solution to softness and are 250 per bottle. The 140 ct keywords are Equate extra strength Softener laxative softgels 250 mg 140 ct, these softgels are Equate softener's line of products and are made with extra strength ingredients that help to achieve a comfortable, hot, and dry skin.